Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Ten Principles of Conservatism

Or, What Republicans Have Long Forgotten!

As a very political year approaches an end, and a new presidential election cycle looms, it’s a good time for conservatives to step back from partisan politics and reflect on their cause.What do "true" conservatives believe? Here are 10 principles worth pondering.

1. God’s Law Governs Nations as Well as Men
2. Life Is the First God-Given Right
3. Marriage and Family Come Before the State and Deserve Its Protection
4. Freedom of Conscience is the Soul of Liberty
5. Private Property is the Servant of Freedom
6. Government Dependency is the Seed of Tyranny
7. The Constitution Means What It Says
8. Taxes Are Justified Only to Fund Necessary Government Spending
9. National Defense Is Just That
10. We Should Strive to Give Our Children a Better Country


2164th said...

This is how I would rate the current Republicans on those 10 points.:

1. Some care, but not that many.
2. Yes.
3. Less than there should be.
4. No, too many put party over this.
5. No.
6. No. They do not practice samll government.
7. Yes.
8. No.
9. No.
10. Yes.

Tiger said...

Deuce, I would agree that most Republican "folk" would fit your ratings.

The problem is the Republican leadership doesn't come close to the folks. Not even ...