Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shame In The Great State Of Florida

Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida apparently doesn't have a problem meeting with Nations Supporting Terrorism.

"The senator said he also expressed to the Syrian leader the problems caused by Hezbollah and Hamas and urged Assad to support the release of captured Israeli soldiers. Nelson said the Syrian president responded by saying Israel had 20 Syrians in captivity, one of whom died recently from leukemia.
The senator shrugged off suggestions he was challenging Bush's authority by sidestepping administration policy that the U.S. have no contact with Syrian officials."

... do ya really believe talking to Assad will help? Huh, do ya Chump!?!


whit said...

How this buffoon continues to get reelected baffles me. He just won reelection so I guess he feels comfortable traveling to Syria but I hope the people in Florida can begin to see the Liberal idiot that they reelected.

Lady Hawk said...

Mr. Whit earlier brought up Terri Schiavo. My memory aches for her and her family as well as Elian Gonzalez, Ruby Ridge and even Waco Texas. Mr. Tiger talked about rules changing to take Christianity out of the military. I feel sorry people who do not believe in God because America's "leaders" are traitors from the president to senators. You gentlemen, Mr. Whit and Mr. Tiger keep up teaching us what is going on in this world. You give people like me a handle to hold onto when I feel I am about to be lost in space!

Tiger said...

Lady, I think a synopsis of what we're all about is in order.

Pointing out what's really going on (as best we know from "news" reports) is really just a way of attempting to "zero in" on indicators and trends. All we do here, admittedly, is rehash news from elsewhere and sometimes give an opinion on it. The Truth is somewhere within that "target".

By bouncing thoughts and ideas off each other we not only communicate our concerns and opinions but, hopefully, we let the "powers that be" know where we stand. This is actually an optimistic endeavor because if we didn't believe deep down that the "powers that be" aren't trying to make things better, then we would probably be taking up arms.

The Press, sometimes called the MSM (mainstream media), is supposed to be doing this task and acting as a strong watchdog for the citizenry. Speaking for myself only, I do not believe they're fulfilling that obligation. This is why we use alternative sources of information, as well as the MSM.