Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Incredible Shrinking Brain

Can We Withstand Two More Years of Mindless Muddle?

"President Bush yesterday conceded that U.S. forces were inadequately prepared to handle sectarian violence that broke out in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad, but said any increase in American troops to establish security there must be tied to a specific mission "that can be accomplished."

... Translation: I don't know what the HELL I'm doing now, or have been doing for 6 years!

Also, Bush prepares to make deals with Democrats!

and ... , the CIA prepares for defeat!


allen said...


I think you have scored a first. The CIA report was unknown to me, as it is to others I suspect.

If you have already referenced it the EB, I somehow missed it. If not, please do.

allen said...

“A close aide to the British commander of NATO in Afghanistan has been accused of passing secrets about activities there to Iran.”

The accused: Corporal Daniel James

NATO Commander: Lieutenant General David Richards

British aide in Afghanistan accused of spying for Iran

If a corporal can be had, can a colonel?

If a corporal can compromise national security, can a colonel?

Tiger said...

Hi Allen!

Sorry, I've really been out of pocket, lately, holidays and all.

Whit knows about the CIA Report and will mention it at EB, if he deems appropriate.

It is quite intriguing. To me, it seems GW is setting up his last two years as one capitulation after another.

Time will tell!

Thanks for your interest and for stopping by. The Afghan story looks frightening - I'll certainly give it a good read.

Tiger said...
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2164th said...

Doug posted something that Bush was determined to make everything the Democrats said about him come true, including quagmire.

It was funny and Ironic in the fashion that was the quintessential doug.

Tiger said...

Doug is wonderfully funny!

Doug said...

In the next thread, I propose TWO Brains.

Doug said...

Live an Ironic life, comes naturally.
You'd probly choose not.