Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Remembering A Brother

David Pryce-Jones reminds us that their are still those in England who can "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!."

With greatest respect; God Bless Cpl. Bryan Budd, awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s supreme medal for gallantry in action.

"Corporal Bryan Budd of the Parachute Regiment has just received it in the course of fighting in Sangin, a Taleban stronghold in Helmand province in Afghanistan — fighting so severe that he himself was killed and his VC is therefore posthumous. In a first action, he stormed a house to kill the Taliban firing from it, while also rescuing a wounded colleague. In another action, his section was out in the open when it came under fire from Taliban. Budd set his weapon at automatic fire, and charged, killing several Taliban and assuring the safety of his section. This is true heroism."


2164th said...

Were you airborne Tiger?

Tiger said...

Ranger, 82nd Airborne (4 years)- also, 20th S.F. Group, Florida N.G. (2)

- didn't stay in long enough to get fully SF qualified. decided to get out and raise kids.

All Paras are Brothers!

Tiger said...

Also, it's good to know many Brits are still our "cousins".