Thursday, December 14, 2006

The "Field" - Or, Go Back To The Drawing Board

US Senator Samuel D. "Sam" Brownback (Republican - Kansas)

- a national unknown. With a name like "brownback", maybe he can claim an hispanic origin and get some government entitlements? Middle America seems to like him. Don't really know enough about him.

Former NYC Mayor Rudolph W. "Rudy" Giuliani (Republican - New York)

- America's Mayor! Great job after 9-11!. A FLAMING LIBERAL! (which is odd for a so-called conservative Italian) Do not think the South or mid-West will vote for him.

US Senator John S. McCain III (Arizona)
- sincerely appreciate his military service. Have you ever noticed? Very few "Republican leaders" have served in the military? Too bad, however, he's one of the ultimate R.I.N.O. s. Would sell the country to Mexico to make another "buck". An election spoiler.
"R.I.N.O."? That would be most Republican leaders right now!?!

Governor W. Mitt Romney (Republican - Massachusetts)

- what's the "W." for? Wilburforce or sumtin? Don't trust anybody from Masssuicidechusits anyway, or anybody named "Mitt".

Former Governor John E. "Jeb" Bush (Florida)

- a true conservative when it comes to fiscal responsibility! Otherwise, he's too friendly with the "C.A.I.R." organization and is a "social liberal" and "Internationalist" like all in the Bush family.

... click here for a more complete list, I'm sure I can find something wrong with all of them!

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