Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush Administration Continues To Deny Christian Worship By Military Personnel

"The Department of Defense (DOD) is entering a new conflict over the religious rights of military personnel. Once again, retired Air Force lawyer Michael Weinstein has come to the forefront in his campaign to curb the speech of evangelicals in the military. "

"The latest is a call to investigate seven military officers for their appearance in a video for an organization called The Christian Embassy. The Embassy, whose mission is to spread faith and offer encouragement to government officials in Washington, D.C., taped interviews with four generals and three colonels at the Pentagon in full dress uniform along with Congressmen and other government officials. Weinstein's group charges that the officers violated the regulations that prohibit personnel from appearing in uniform during "speeches... rallies, or any public demonstration... which may imply Service sanction of the cause."

"In 2003, another Army Lieutenant General was criticized for appearing in uniform at churches, but the Inspector General ruled that he was acting within his rights. Whether or not the department takes action against these men, the true effect, and I believe intent, is to silence any soldier with religious convictions--a result that should have us all up in arms."

- as reported by the Family Research Council

Update!: "Unprecedented" Promotion of Wahhabi trained Chaplain in Marine Corp!


Lady Hawk said...

Do I understand this correctly? Freedom of worship is being denied to the personnel who take an oath to protect our freedom of religion with their lives? If so, then America is imploding under her military, her educational system, her judicial system, her legislative system and her executive branch. Evil in America is expanding. Thomas Paine said "The bigger the battle, the more glorious the victory!" And as Patrick Henry said, "We must fight!"

Tiger said...

There is a rule within the military which states that one cannot participate in political or religious activity, while in uniform. It comes from the LIBERAL notion that the U.S. government cannot be seen promoting one religion or political party over another.

This is a very radical change from the time I was in the Service. Participation in a prayer breakfast, total church involvement, and political involvement was considered to be a duty for those in uniform, then, as long as it didn't interfere with your military duties, obviously.

All of these kinds of problems can be handled by executive order from the President. Yes, there may be a lawsuit from someone, but this shows very clearly that President Bush is not willing to support free and open worship - EXCEPT PC WORSHIP! SEE "UPDATE" STORY AT THE END OF ENTRY.

Tiger said...

You know, over at EB we had a discussion awhile back on whether President Bush was just "stupid" or "evil".

At the time, I said "stupid". I'm starting to doubt my decision.