Monday, December 04, 2006

Is Islam Inherently Violent? - Facts and Figures

"In a recent survey on global conflict, Monty Marshall and Ted Burr of the Center for International Development and Conflict Management found that of the 24 major armed conflicts taking place worldwide in 2005, more than half (13) involved Muslim governments or paramilitary groups on one or both sides of the fighting. What's more, among six countries with "emerging armed conflicts," four are predominantly Muslim and another, Thailand, involves a Muslim separatist movement. "

... "a June Pew Global Attitudes poll that showed a majority of Muslims in Jordan, Egypt and Nigeria, as well as roughly a third in France, Spain and Great Britain, felt violence against civilians can be justified in order to defend Islam. Worse, a July 2005 poll found 22 percent of British Muslims said last summer's rush-hour bombings of London's metro system, which killed 52 people, were justified because of Britain's support for the war on terror. This included 31 percent of young British Muslims. "

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allen said...


The Muslims and the President say, "No."


Tiger said...


You're right about that, Allen!

The truth, of course, is that all of mankind is inherently violent. Therefore, it becomes a study of an inherently violent "philosophy"; an organized violent movement. Nazism/Fascism comes to mind right away. I think we'll be adding Islam to this historical list.