Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve - 2006

I am in a bad mood this morning. Maybe its the "coffee buzz" which combined with the turn of events has made me edgy. This morning I suffer with a case of anal myopia. On the eve of 2007, I have a crappy outlook on life. I look at this world and I think, "It ain't gonna get any better. Man is the same as he ever was and that's not good."

This morning, a friend called asking for help. She wants me to talk to her son about the war in Iraq. She is about 25 years older than me and I think her son is a few years younger. She is distressed because her son is opposed to the war. She is a conservative Christian and is disturbed by his "liberal opposition" to the war. I want to tell her that it's irrational to try to reason with people deep into BDS. I want to tell her that our side is at a low point in the "long war" and are even beginning to argue amongst ourselves. How do I tell her that the other side may have been right about the futility of the endeavor? How do I tell her that Iraq has been mishandled and now there doesn't appear to be an upside? How do I tell her that for us (the US) it's over in Iraq. Even if Bush elects to surge US troop strength, its doubtful that the Democrats will go along with the plan. The best we can do is leave the inevitable bloodshed to the Iraqis while those of us who see the danger of militant Islam regroup and rethink our long term strategies in the face of world opposition. Should I tell her that the other side only wants to see us eat crow, so it's best to say little or nothing while they enjoy their turn at hubris?

How do I tell remind her that when we place our faith and trust in mankind including our fellow conservatives, we will always be disappointed? Or do I tell her that the sun will come out tomorrow?


allen said...

Happy New Year!

Lady Hawk said...

Mr. Whit, I HOPE you feel encouraged soon. HOPE is the best weapon against satan's best weapon-discouragement. HOPE brings us out of the isolation of evil so we can repair our bruised armor, and return to the good fight. You (and Mr. Tiger) are Warriors of/for God(and two of my heroes) Remember your blessings as strengths; rebuild HOPE! HOPE for the best, prepare for the worst; events occur between these two extremes! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Tiger's families!

whit said...

Thank you, Ms Ladyhawk, I feel much better today. Actually though, the Hope lies not in this world but in the next. Happy New Year.

"May the best of last year be the worst of this year."